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League Equipment Policy.
An Overview of League Equipment Needs and Policies
Water bottle All Players and Cheerleaders, for flag and tackle divisions, are responsible for staying hydrated during league practices. Please insure your child brings plenty of water to all practices. A large insulated water jug is preferred.

Water will be provided at Tackle and Cheer games. For Flag games it is at the coaches discretion whether water will be provided or not. When in doubt, always err on the side of caution and send water with your child.

In South Florida's extreme heat, staying hydrated is the most important thing for your child.
Hydration Center 
Click above to visit's Hydration Center for great information and resources on keeping your child Hydrated in South Florida's extreme heat.
Cleated footwear is recommended for all Tackle and Flag Players. Sneakers, molded rubber cleats and and hard rubber screw-in cleats (metal caps are ok) are the only allowable footwear. Metal cleats of any kind are prohibited as are any plastic screw-on cleats with metal posts.
Sneakers or other Athletic shoes with good stabalization are recomended for Cheerleading. The uniform package you will be asked to buy includes Cheer specific athletic shoes for games and competition.
Flag Equipment Requirements:
  • Water Jug  & Athletic shoes (cleats recommended)
  • Game Jersey, game shorts, Practice t-shirt, flags & 1 mouth guard provided by the league.
  • Players should dress appropriatly for practices in athletic attire.
  • Recommended that you keep extra mouth guards on hand as child can cannot play without one.
Cheer Equipment Requirements:
  • Water Jug  & Athletic shoes
  • Practice T-shirt and Competition/Game bow will be provided by the league
  • Game uniform will be purchased by the paticipant. Uniform are participants to keep and can be used in subsequnt years if it fits properly and is in good condition.
  • You uniform package will include shoes & crop top in addition to the uniform. Cost for the uniform package is $150.00.
Tackle Equipment Requirements:
  • Water Jug  & Athletic shoes (cleats recommended)
  • Game uniform & helmet will be provided by the league. Players get to keep their game jersey after the season. Game pants and helmet must be returned to the league.
  • One mouthpiece will be provided by the league. It is recommended that you keep extra mouth guards on hand as child cannot play or practice without one.
  • The following equipment is loaned to the player and must be returned at the end of the season: 
      Practice pants and jersey
    • Shoulder Pads
    • Thigh and knee pads.
    • Girdle with hip and tailbone pads.
    • Belt
  • Game Socks are the responsibility of the player. Mandated wear is at the discretion of the coach.
  • Any additional desired equipment, forearm pads, rib protecters, visors (clear only), etc. are the responsobility of the players.
Players can purchase their own equipment for their use as long as it meets NOCSEA standards.
2016 Tackle Equipment Handout
The Eagles will distribute 2016 Season Tackle Equipment to all players during the first week of practice July 5h - 9th at the Sabal Pines Park Equipment Room.

Equipment Handout will be staggered and teams should arrive at the following times:
  • 7U - TBA
  • 8U - TBA
  • 9U - TBA
  • 10U - TBA
  • 11U - TBA
  • 12U - TBA
  • 13U - TBA
Players should arrive 15 minutes prior to their equipment handout time in order to take care of any outstanding issues: Player Card, Picture, Fees, Birth & Residency documentation. A Parent must be present at equipment handout in order to sign Equipment contract.

Tackle Football Equipment Contract

The League store will be open during the first week of practice so that you can get your 2017 Eagles gear, upgrade your chin strap, mouthguard or pant.
Players are responsible for and a parent or guardian must sign for all loaned equipment. Failure to return equipment will result in replacement fees being charged to the player for missing equipment.

No player will be released from the league who has not returned their equipment.