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Tackle Parents Volunteer Hours and Game Day help.
Fulfill Your Tackle & Cheer, Family Volunteer obligation
Gameday Volunteers Running a tackle football program is no easy endeavor.  There are so many things that need to be done behind the scenes to insure everything goes well and your child gets the most from their football and cheer experience, especially on Game days.   While we have a great group of dedicated volunteers who put in a tremendous amount of work to support the league, they can not do it alone.

Therefore each family in the tackle program (Football & Cheer) is required to complete a minimum of 5 volunteer hours for the league.  Families in which a parent or sibling is a tackle or cheer coach or a Team Parent are excluded from this requirement.

There are many ways to complete your hours at the field while attending games or practices.  Below is a listing of some of the volunteer opportunities available to you.  Your team mom will also be happy to discuss ways for you to fulfill your service obligation and schedule you for volunteer hours for the upcoming season. 
Creek Eagles Service Hour Areas.
  • Game Day Set up – 5-6 per home game.
  • Chain Crew – 3 per game, 7 games x # of home games.
  • Game Announcer – 1 per game, 7 games x # of home games.
  • League Stores Sales- 2 per game, 7 games x # of home games.
  • Statistician - 1 per game, 7 games x # of home games.
  • Game Day Raffle and Promotion Sales – 3 per game , 7 games x # of home games.
  • Game Day Tear Down – 5-6 per home game.
  • Team Mom – 1 per team 7 tackle, 7 cheer.
  • Yearbook  – 1 Editor, 2 reps per team (Cheer and Tackle) – takes photos and creates yearbook content to be distributed at trophy ceremonies. Ad space and "shout out" sales.
  •  Homecoming Committee -2 representatives per team (cheer and Tackle) coordinates team participation, collects money, coordinates food and beverage purchases and set up.
  • Web Content/Photographers – Coordinator, 3 team contributors (tackle and cheer) who summarize games/gather team info and provide photographs for website and yearbook.
  • Equipment Handout – 6 people
  • Equipment Turn In – 5 people
  • Homecoming – set up and tear down – 12 people
  • Trophy Day – set up and tear down – 12 people
  • Cheerleading Competition – various areas
  • Fundraising – People to actively help raise money in various ways through the season.

The above activities are not meant to be an exhaustive list of all available volunteer opportunities. If you have other skills which you believe can benefit the league and are not listed here please discuss with your team mom.