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Weather Alerts & Field Status
Stay Safe in South Florida's Unpredictable Weather.
South Florida is renowned for its hot, humid weather, accompanied by sporadic late afternoon showers that are usually contain dangerous lightning conditions.

The Coconut Creek Football Program urges all coaches to USE COMMON SENSE in regards to practices and team activities  If playing conditions become unsafe, stop your practice. No practice is worth endangering the players safety.
Field Status 6/17
Red/Green Light Fields Open.
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The following lightning policy has been implemented, and will be enforced, by the City of Coconut Creek
The City of Coconut Creek has purchased and installed the ThorGuard Lightning Prediction Systems at all City Parks, in order to warn park patrons of any potential lightning threats.

When a ground strike of lightning has occurred within seven miles of the park, the ThorGuard Lightning Prediction System will generate one (1) 15 second horn blast.  When you hear this horn blast, you must:
  • Suspend all games and practices immediately.
  • Stay away from metal including fencing and bleachers.
  • Get EVERYBODY to clear the outdoor facility and walk (not run) to their vehicle.
  • Ensure everybody remains in their vehicle until the ThorGuard Lightning Prediction System generates the “All Clear” signal, which is three (3)short horn blasts.
If park patrons refuse to leave the facilities, or return before the "All Clear" signal sounds, they do so at their own risk.

** Flag Divisions: wait in your cars for 20 minutes after the warning horn has sounded. If the all clear has not sounded after 20 minutes, the referees will decide whether the game can continue and advise the players and coaches.

** Tackle Divisions: In the event of a rain or lightning delay, whether the game can be continued are not is governed by the AYFL Rain delay Policy. The league reps will follow the policy guidelines to determine the resulting time by which play must resume to avoid rescheduling the game. By mutual agreement of both League Reps, a game or all remaining games may be called for the day earlier than the published guidelines. Please click the link below for the AYFL's Rain Delay policy.

AYFL Rain Delay Policy

Allow activities to resume once the All Clear Signal sounds.

Heat Dangers
The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that children receive 80% of their lifetime sun exposure by the time they are 18 years old!
  • Sun screen, preferably with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15, should therefore always be used to protect from damaging ultra-violet light.
  • Encourage your players to drink water before going on, and after coming off, the field.
  • If a player looks distressed while standing in the sun, remove that player from the field and get them in the shade immediately.
  • If a player should collapse as a result of heat exhaustion, call 9-1-1 immediately.   Get the player to drink water, and cool them down until the emergency medical team arrives.
Click below to visit's Hydration Center for great information and resources on keeping your child Hydrated in South Florida's extreme heat.
Hydration Center